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How Roots ‘n Tours works.

Roots ‘n Tours takes you on a journey to your origins, to your family roots and the traditions of your land, Italy. An exclusive trip in the land of your ancestors to explore your family history through places, objects, tastes, and smells described by your grandparents, close family and distant relatives.

A unique and surprising format, the complete travel experience


Research and organization

The key factors are Genealogical research and inquiries in the place of origin.
Research is carried out by qualified professionals with the help of local people who remember the stories the elders told about friends and kin who emigrated.
The journey is organized by personally visiting places and talking to people, choosing carefully every detail.
This will make your journey back to the land of your fathers unique and exciting.
Family history research and the organization of the trip are carried out with the full and continuous involvement of participants.


Experience and emotions

The experience and the emotion of returning to your ancestor’s land and the encounter with its people, places and traditions.
The visit to the places of departure. The first re-discovery of your land through routes outside the tourist circuit.
Meeting one’s own origins: town, relatives, landmarks, folklore and traditions.
Presentation of the genealogical tree, the greeting of the authorities, the patron saint’s festival.
Re-discovering the land: the surroundings, the objects and the flavors in the stories told by your parents, grandparents and distant relatives.


Memory and sharing

Roots’ n Tours promote the sharing of your life-changing experience in search of your Italian family roots and identity.
Embark on a return voyage to your ancestors’ land and you will become witness and ambassador of your Sicilian roots.
During the journey a photographer and a video maker will capture the most significant and exciting moments which, along with the commemorative book of the family tree, will turn into cherished memories to treasure and share with your family and closest friends.
The videos and pics will be sent to your home in digital format.

What our customers say

What our customers sayRosario,
I still cannot comprehend nor begin to describe to you the wonderful experience I had in Sicily.
The people involved truly cared about every single detail and took a personal interest in the event.

I visited Chiusa, Giuliana and Bisacquino. I was welcomed by all three mayors. I was given gifts from all of the above as well as the local priests. I was given a detailed genealogy report on site by the genealogists. I ate local food and was told where it came from. I was shown the streets where my family lived.

Last but not least I was introduced to over two dozen family members. They were direct descendants of my grandfather’s sister. They invited me to their house for coffee, where we watched the parade for the feast day of the Procession of the Crucifix … the place of honor on the balcony and complete strangers hugging me with tears in their eyes welcoming me back “home”.

There are no words to describe this wonderful experience.
In short, it changed my life.
Thank you to all the wonderful people who’ve helped me find my roots.


Where did your family come from?

All images are taken from the official websites of cities and villages

About us

Rosario Turrisi

rosario-turrisiIn about 30 year career I’ve gained solid experience as manager, consultant and trainer.
In the last three years I’ve started up an entrepreneurial activity in the field of Experiential Tourism, introducing innovative models to create benefits in the territories by stimulating the local players through integrated projects that exceed the fragmentation of the traditional tourism sector.
My innovative methodological approach, through a systemic view tourism – culture – products, my passion for territories and traditions are the basis of “Roots ‘n Tours “.

Giovanni De Carli

about-us-foto-giovanni-foto-tiziana-chieruzzi-150x150After my degree in Physics, I worked for more than 20 years as manager in multinational enterprises as well as Italian companies, starting up new initiatives and developing existing businesses.
Today I supports entrepreneurs, managers and start-ups in innovating company value propositions, business models and go to market strategies, introducing the Customer Experience Management (CXM) approach as the key success factor, the same approach that is the core of “Roots ‘n Tours” project.
I’m also CEO and founder of the technology start-up Optimist Srl.

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